High Energy Leadership

When you look at successful companies like Southwest Airlines or Google, their power comes from their leadership. Their leaders are passionate and engaged. They operate with a clear vision that the entire organization can build upon. Learn how to lead with energy. Learn to define your goals in a way that will benefit your entire organization, inspire your team, and engage employees at every level.

In this keynote speech, the audience will learn:

  • About how your energy level affects everything about you.
  • How to be aware of your energy level.
  • How to live a more fulfilled life by 'choosing' to shift your energy.
  • Next steps available to you that will help you move your life in the direction you desire.
  • How to always say 'YES' to your employees, children, etc.


On Target Leading has created our own proprietary coaching program called E4Life. Within this 12-month program we teach individuals, teams and organizations the power of having a balanced life.

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