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The Concerned Parent

Raise responsible, respectful and strong children that are ready and prepared to meet the challenges of the world. Learn how you can make a positive impact in your children's lives while letting go of your frustrations. Help your children program their own life compass. Teach them to set goals and watch them flourish when they have a real vision for how to accomplish those goals.

In this keynote speech, the audience will learn:

  • How your energy level affects everything you do.
  • How to assess where you are now in your relationship with your child.
  • To create a crystal-clear vision of the kind of behavior and relationship you want with your child.
  • About goal setting and how to teach your children to strive for and reach their goals.
  • How to always say 'YES' to your child's requests.
  • About your 'limiting beliefs' that may be sabotaging your ability to get the respect and good behavior from your child that you want.
  • How to use small crises to help children understand how to work through challenges productively.


On Target Leading has created our own proprietary coaching program called E4Life. Within this 12-month program we teach individuals, teams and organizations the power of having a balanced life.

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